Most of my life I've been trying to label myself, probably because I wanted to know there was a name for what I was. Luckily I've gotten over that and realized that I don't need them, I'm just 'me', and I think that's enough. Anyways, to be less cheesy, I might add that I live in Iceland and I really like laughing.
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doll - little vampire

Do you have any pictures of what something would look like after being buried for a few years?



Unfortunately the only photo of a carcass that was buried is this one of a roadkill coyote that I cleaned a few years ago and it was only buried for a few months.


Something that was buried for years can take on all sorts of appearances though. If you are super lucky and all the conditions are right, it will be totally down to bones. But what usually happens is it will either become mummified (loose soil that is too hot and dry) or barely rot at all (ground is too hard). The ones that barely rot at all might get a little goopy like that coyote or they might stay practically like they looked when you first buried them. Sometimes they grow white or some other color mold or fungus on them.



Jellyfish by mishanche Greek jellyfish - poached eggs

One of the best photos I’ve seen of this jellyfish!
Mediterranean jelly or Fried egg jellyfish - Cotylorhiza tuberculata (Rhizostomeae - Cepheidae)

Katharina Grosse
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