Most of my life I've been trying to label myself, probably because I wanted to know there was a name for what I was. Luckily I've gotten over that and realized that I don't need them, I'm just 'me', and I think that's enough. Anyways, to be less cheesy, I might add that I live in Iceland and I really like laughing.
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I woke this morning to find one of our sweet baby kittens was no longer alive. I cried and I cried some more. I cried til my eyes hurt. I loved this little baby. It was the runt, so cute and tiny. It had NO tail at all, not even a stub (its dad is bob tailed), such a unique and precious little babe. It never was very healthy, it had something wrong with its little paws, and something messed up with its mouth too. It had a lot of issues, and I’d been worried about it for quite some time.  Even though I felt this was coming, I didn’t expect it. Seeing its little lifeless body broke my heart into a million pieces. Maybe this was what was meant to be… maybe he was suffering in ways we didn’t even realize… as terrible as this is, maybe it was for the best. No animal deserves to suffer. Regardless, I feel my heart has been ripped out. Tears swell in my eyes just thinking about this little babe. I had to do something special for it, before it was laid to rest. 

Burial box. ),:

Weeding by 11.11
One of my all time new favourite artists.

Version II of my sphinx - we had to design a teacher for the Harry Potter universe - mine is a Indian sphinx who was taken during the British rule of India and kept as a decorated pet of sorts until she was freed later and is now a librarian at Hogwarts. 
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